The Veil Divides

The Veil Divides Cover

Torin Akleery may be one of the elite building decompilers in the city of Dunedianne, but for his glorious empire to rise, he needs to find the elusive secret to growing plants unsustained in a world of eternal darkness. The desolate wasteland of Helen Hills holds the secret, but war is brooding and the crumbling council can no longer deny that the once impenetrable barrier, the Veil, which protected the city, has been breached.

As fear stirs chaos in the streets, Torin relies on the aid of a nameless girl who gives him the power to rescue his friends from beyond the Veil. The other side of the Veil, however, has its own dark story to tell and Torin comes face to face with a colossal force that will annihilate Dunedianne.
Betrayed and with every attempt at stopping the enemy ending in utter failure, the incredible power that Torin holds would either make him their savior or the harbinger of death.

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