To create…anything really, is one of the greatest feelings in life. You then nurture and grow your creation and then you let it go into the world…or not. Creativity is freedom; freedom to create your own rules, build what you want and to burn it all if you want to.

This paragraph is where I’m supposed to write about myself in 3rd person perspective and sing my own praises. Well, not today.

I’m a simple man with a sense of humour, an appreciation for the tiny moments and a great awe for the size and complexity of our universe. In a room of 7 billion people, I am unimpressive, unremarkable and my existence is but a photon in a galaxy of stars. All I can give is a piece of the worlds swimming in my mind and try my best to put in words what I see when I shower (not that! I get all my ideas in the shower because that’s when my mind wonders and figures out the world).

I may not change the world, but a single grain of sand can make your eyes scratch. May my writing achieve one thing if it should achieve anything at all: make you feel something…and inspire you (I know, that’s 2. I’m being hopeful, ya know.)