Change is good and the road ahead is better

There’s a lot that can be said about 2020 and we can’t tap twice before being confronted by either said event or its consequences as it saturates our news, social media and lives. Let’s forget about all that and focus on what is to come.

I’ve changed by novel’s name in line with the direction that I’m taking with the series. This included a brand new cover and a general restart of the website. Check out The Veil Divides here.

The second book in the series is currently being written after an extensive overhaul of the plot, world and characters. I’m really excited with where it’s going. I’m finally also an outliner after finding that pantsing was very inefficient.

The second book is set to release sometime during the second half of 2021. I’ll give some periodic updates so you can follow the progress.

Enjoy the holidays!