When things don’t go as planned

Well, 2020 hasn’t really gone the way anybody planned. All our lofty goals and meticulously planned new years resolutions have gone out the window, or more appropriately, have been placed on lockdown.

I count myself as extremely blessed that through all of this I still have a day job. It also turned out that this time would be some of my busiest ever, hence writing wasn’t on the cards. The dust hasn’t settled yet, but I’m managing to carve out a bit of time for writing again as I’ve adjusted to this new kind of normal.

There is about 10% material left to read and I’ve made a ton of notes, adjustments and in some cases I even sneaked in a few edits (I just couldn’t help myself). Some of these adjustments have even impacted some of my future novels in the Duality Universe. I am reasonably happy with what is there, though some of it needs some major reworking which I’ll tackle during the 2nd draft phase. For now, the focus will be to finish the reading and resuming the writing of the 1st draft.

Hope you are all keeping safe.